Greek–English Lexicon to the New Testament

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, 1911


Gain a deeper understanding of the New Testament with this guide to the original Greek. Noted nineteenth-century translator William James Hickie offers this guide to all students of the Bible, covering simple nouns and phrases that have no direct translation. As you explore the phrases so often encountered in Bible study from the perspective of the original Greek, you’ll discover new layers of meaning and be rewarded with fresh insights into the Bible you thought you knew.

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Key Features

  • Translates nouns and phrases from Greek into English
  • Opens the door to a deeper understanding of the New Testament
  • Serves as a classic nineteenth-century reference text

Product Details

  • Title: Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament
  • Author: William James Hickie
  • Publisher: The Macmillan Company
  • Publication Date: 1911
  • Pages: 224
  • Language: English, Greek
  • Resource Type: Grammars
  • Topic: Language and Interpretation

About William James Hickie

William James Hickie was a late-nineteenth-century editor and translator who is best known for his translation of AristophanesClouds.

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