Unmasking Apocalyptic Texts

Paulist Press, 2005
ISBN: 0809143569


Contrary to common images of the Apocalypse, Dorothy Jonaitis presents apocalyptic texts as a literature of hope. Jonatis underscores the dramatic quality of apocalyptic texts and gives consideration to the virtue of hope—divinely planted in all people—that’s awakened in times of crisis. She connects the emotional power of apocalyptic literature to modern crises, offering a practical way for Christians to respond with hope in difficult times.

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Key Features

  • Examines apocalyptic literature from a new perspective
  • Offers guidance on how to view contemporary crises with hope
  • Includes helpful reference materials for further study


  • Introduction: On the Path toward the Eternal Presence
  • Definition of Apocalyptic Literature
  • Walking toward Hope
  • Imagination and Apocalyptic Literature
  • Tragic Theatre and Crisis
  • Dramatic Crisis and Apocalyptic Literature
  • Unmasking Apocalyptic Literature: Isaiah, Ezekiel
  • Unmasking Apocalyptic Literature: Zechariah, Daniel
  • Unmasking Apocalyptic Literature: 1 and 2 Thessalonians
  • Unmasking Apocalyptic Literature: Synoptic Gospels
  • Unmasking Apocalyptic Literature: Book of Revelation
  • Moving toward Christian Action with Hope
  • A Plan for My Life: Preaching and Teaching
  • Theology of Preaching/Teaching
  • Appendix: Apocalyptic Texts on Sundays and Major Feasts

Product Details

About Dorothy Jonaitis

Dorothy Jonaitis, OP, graduated in 1968 from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a degree in mathematics. She has a MA in religious education and New Testament theology and a DMin in preaching from the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri.

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