Predestined to Believe: Common Objections to the Reformed Faith Answered, 2nd ed.

Resource Publications, 2009
ISBN: 9781606088531


Adam Murrell examines common arguments against Calvinism, demonstrating that they are often the result of misunderstandings, faulty reasoning, or poor scriptural exegesis. Murrell starts from the premise that we, as a fallen people, need God to save us from our sins with his sovereignty and grace. He asserts that God’s sovereignty is not a barrier to Calvinism but a powerful support for it.

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Learn more about this challenging topic with The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination.

Key Features

  • Offers insight into Reformed theology
  • Examines the topic of predestination
  • Explains the differences between Arminianism and Calvinism


  • Note to the Reader
  • The Doctrines of Grace Defined
  • The God-Breathed Scriptures
  • The Importance of God’s Sovereignty
  • Isn’t Calvinism a Man-Made System?
  • Why Should We Study a Topic that Divides Christians?
  • John Calvin Murdered His Theological Enemies
  • The Doctrines of Grace Are Not Historical
  • Predestination Violates Man’s Free Will
  • The Bible Does Not Teach the Doctrine of Man’s Total Depravity
  • How Can God Find Fault with the Unsaved if He Preordained Everything?
  • Predestination Discourages Good Morality
  • Predestination Produces a Spirit of Elitism
  • God’s Election Is Based on His Foreknowledge of Those Who Would Choose Him
  • Calvinism Implies that God Created Evil
  • Is Predestination the Same as Fatalism?
  • Predestination Precludes Any Incentive for Evangelism
  • Why Should Anyone Bother with Prayer?
  • Predestination Precludes a Sincere Offer of the Gospel
  • God Shows Favoritism in Election
  • Election Makes God Unfair
  • God Loves Everyone Equally without Discrimination
  • Christians Can Lose Their Salvation
  • The Bible Clearly Teaches that Jesus Died for Everybody
  • Calvinism Denies God’s Freedom
  • Is God’s Sadness in Genesis Six Proof that He Did Not Ordain Everything?
  • Predestination Contradicts Universalistic Passages in the Bible
  • Conclusion

Praise for the Print Edition

At a time when belief of Calvinism is constantly challenged, Adam Murrell responds to common objections to the Reformed faith. There are many Christians struggling to know the difference between Arminianism and Calvinism, and this theologically sound book reveals the truth and gives answers that are biblically centered. I would highly recommend this book as it is much needed for every Christian.

—Nick Bibile, founder, Agape Chapel Ministries

Predestined to Believe shows a good understanding of the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism and presents a concise biblical defense of the former. I do hope that it gets a wide circulation, and I believe that it will prove to be a blessing to the church.

—John Frame, professor of systematic theology and philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary

We were fortunate to have Adam Murrell attend our church while he was assigned to our local naval station. We discovered that he savors Reformed theology. He wants you to savor it too! This little book is a useful contribution toward achieving that goal.

—Randy Kimbrough, pastor, Moss Point Presbyterian Church, Moss Point, Mississippi

Product Details

  • Title: Predestined to Believe: Common Objections to the Reformed Faith Answered
  • Author: Adam Murrell
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 136
  • Christian Group: Reformed
  • Resource Type: Topical
  • Topic: Calvinism

About Adam Murrell

Adam Murrell is a graduate of Columbia College and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the president of a non-profit organization, a Bible teacher, and a United States naval officer. He has authored several other books, including Concise Fundamentalism, Essential Church History, and The Essence of the Christian Faith.


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