Job: The Sovereignty of God and the Suffering of Man

Wipf & Stock, 2013
ISBN: 9781625644893


The book of Job can scandalize us with its portrait of suffering. In the prologue of Job: The Sovereignty of God and the Suffering of Man, Cyril J. Barber writes, “The book of Job deals with the weighty issues of God’s sovereignty, Satan’s malevolent opposition, and the problems that accompany unexplained human suffering.” In this book—designed for lay people trying to come to grips with this challenging portion of God’s Word—Barber searches the Bible for wisdom in coping with life’s trials, and points to Job not as a victim, but as a figure of hope.

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Key Features

  • Delves into the mystery of unexplained suffering
  • Explores biblical teaching on facing life’s trials
  • Examines the historical figure of Job


  • Who Was Job?
  • The Reward of the Righteous
  • A Shelter in the Time of Storm
  • The Patriarch’s Lament
  • The Moralist’s Reaction
  • Job’s Rebuttal of Eliphaz’ Moral Argument
  • The Traditionalist’s Response
  • Job’s Unresolved Dilemma
  • The Dogmatist’s Response
  • How to Answer One’s Critics
  • When Anger Takes Over
  • Job’s Response to Eliphaz’ Second Diatribe
  • The Correction of a Moralist
  • The Inherent Fallacies of Dogmatism
  • Job’s Friends are Ultimately Silenced
  • How to Keep Your Cool
  • Job’s Final Words to His Friends
  • Elihu’s Advice to Job, Part 1
  • Elihu’s Advice to Job, Part 2
  • God’s Revelation of His Sovereignty, Part 1
  • God’s Revelation of His Sovereignty, Part 2
  • God’s Revelation of His Sovereignty, Part 3

Product Details

About Cyril J. Barber

Cyril J. Barber is pastor emeritus of Plymouth Church in Whittier, California. He is the author of over 30 books, including numerous commentaries, The Minister’s Library, God Has the Answer, Through the Valley of Tears, Introduction to Theological Research, and Vital Encounter.


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