A Nation under Wrath: Studies in Isaiah 5

Baker, 1998
ISBN: 0801057906


The words of the prophet Isaiah fell upon deaf and stubborn ears 2,800 years ago—and they still do today. What can we discern from the prophetic warnings leveled at Israel nearly three millennia ago? Is the depravity that caused God’s favored nation to ultimately earn his wrath paralleled by the patterns of sin in contemporary society?

In A Nation under Wrath, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones focuses on the six “woes” of Isaiah 5—words that ring with chilling familiarity. He addresses the problems of a world that has turned its back on God: materialism, moral perversion, humanism, substance abuse, and sin in high places. He reflects upon the ways in which God dealt with the people of Israel and skillfully draws out principles to help us as we pray and work for a just society today. True to Lloyd-Jones’ timeless style, these words resound with a contemporary note, challenging us to preach and live the Gospel in an age that is crying out for new hope.

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Key Features

  • Examines the six woes of Isaiah 5
  • Discusses the ways that God handled the people of Israel and their sin
  • Provides ways for readers to practically pray for a just society


  • The Vineyard
  • Materialism
  • Pleasure Mania
  • The Cart Rope
  • Moral Perversion
  • Humanism
  • Sin in High Places
  • Against Law and against God
  • The Verdict

Product Details

About Martyn Lloyd-Jones

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–1981) is recognized as one of the last century’s most gifted preachers and writers. Lloyd-Jones was influential in the Reformed wing of the British evangelical movement in the twentieth century.

Lloyd-Jones first studied medicine, but left that field and went to Wales in 1927 to follow his calling to preach. He became the minister of a Welsh Presbyterian Church in Abervon, South Wales where he ministered for a decade.

In 1929, Lloyd-Jones went to London where he was appointed the associate pastor of Westminster Chapel working alongside G. Campbell Morgan. This ministry lasted for 30 years until Lloyd-Jones retired in 1968. He is the author of several books and commentaries, including Exposition of Ephesians, the Studies in the Book of Acts series, and Seeking the Face of God.


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