Everything the Bible Says about Money

Bethany House, 2011
ISBN: 9780764209093


Everyone seems to have something to say about money: how you should spend it, where you should invest it, how you can earn it. But how do you know who to believe? It turns out, the most trustworthy source of all has a lot to say on the topic. God’s Word is filled with passages on every aspect of money, from spending and borrowing to giving to the poor, saving up for tomorrow, and much more. In this book every scriptural reference to money has been carefully collected and organized into useful categories. When necessary, brief but clear explanations are provided, using insights gathered from trustworthy commentaries. Let the Bible’s timeless truth about money help you make wise decisions today.

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Key Features

  • Provides useful verses on different principles surrounding wealth and money
  • Compiles different scholarly insight on the meaning behind the verses
  • Offers a positive and uplifting approach to understanding finances


  • It’s Not Yours
  • Making Money
  • Content with What You Have
  • Using Your Money Wisely
  • Learning about Loans
  • Don’t Be Greedy
  • Giving Generously to Others
  • Tithing and Giving to God’s Work
  • There’s No Shame in Being Poor
  • You and Wealth

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