The Rapture Question Answered: Plain and Simple

Revell, 1997
ISBN: 0800717384


Interest in the end times is increasing and the critical questions every student of end-time prophecy must come to terms with are these: How should Scripture be understood when it speaks of the antichrist: literally or allegorically? And if the antichrist and his persecution are for real, will the church have to undergo this terrible time of persecution, or will she be removed before this time of great tribulation begins? Theological thinkers across America today are hotly debating these burning questions, yet the Bible could not be clearer as to the answers. This book points you to those answers in a readable style that does not sacrifice the scholarship.

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Key Features

  • Provides an unclouded look at the biblical antichrist
  • Addresses hotly debated topics in regard to the end time with a biblical focus
  • Offers concise answers without sacrificing scholarship


  • The Beginnings
  • The Issues
  • The Basics
  • The Teaching of Christ
  • Is Matthew Applicable
  • The Teaching of Paul
  • The Teaching of Revelation
  • That’s Greek to Me
  • So, What’s the Big Deal

Praise for the Print Edition

If you love God’s Word, you will find this book an inspiration and challenge. If we really believe he is coming soon, then we will move into high gear in making his Gospel known to the whole world.

—George Verwer, international director, Operation Mobilization

Product Details

About Robert Van Kampen

Robert Van Kampen is a successful businessman who has cofounded two missions agencies and two churches, as well as The Scriptorium—an organization that defends the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of God’s Word. He is also the author of The Sign.


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