The Conversations of Jesus: Learning from His Encounters

Baker, 2004
ISBN: 0801064902


In The Conversations of Jesus, Simon Kistemaker offers a glimpse into the lives of those who were touched by encounters with Jesus Christ. Focusing on the encounters Jesus had with people during his ministry, he demonstrates how those who seek Christ now differ little from those whose stories we learn about in the Gospels: Peter, Nicodemus, Mary, the Samaritan leper, even Judas. Through his discussion in this text, Kistemaker helps readers find much in common with these first-century people, including their feelings of inadequacy, confusion, and joy at meeting the Savior. Ideal for both laypeople and pastors, Kistemaker’s insights help readers strengthen their walk with Christ as they learn about others who have walked this path before.

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Key Features

  • Focuses on every major personal encounter Jesus had through his ministry
  • Offers a look at how common people may have reacted to Jesus
  • Provides an applicable message to extrapolate from each encounter


  • People Who Became Messengers of Jesus
  • People Whose Faith Jesus Praised
  • People Whom Jesus Healed
  • People Who Became Jesus’ Apostles
  • People Whose Lives Jesus Touched
  • People Who Opposed Jesus

Praise for the Print Edition

This is a concise, informative, and down-to-earth account of the people in the New Testament whose lives were touched by Jesus. For the general reader it opens new vistas in understanding the way people related to Jesus and how this relates to our situation today. Enriching.

—Richard V. Pierard, scholar in residence, Gordon College

Professor Kistemaker has done an excellent job in portraying a gentler side of Jesus in his dealings with people, and has done so with vivid language that makes each of the 46 episodes both captivating and educational.

Robert L. Thomas, professor of New Testament, The Master’s Seminary

The genius of this book is the conception itself—a survey and analysis of all the important conversations of Jesus recorded in the four Gospels. The result is an ever-expanding picture of Jesus and the people with whom he interacted. At the same time, as you keep reading this survey it will gradually dawn on you that the conversations of Jesus are a microcosm of the Gospels and their message.

Leland Ryken, Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English, Wheaton College

Discerning readers will find in Kistemaker’s thoughtful book not only useful background information to illuminate Jesus’ conversations with 45 individuals or groups but also helpful application for our lives today.

Ronald Youngblood, professor of Old Testament, International College and Graduate School

Product Details

About Simon J. Kistemaker

Simon J. Kistemaker is professor emeritus of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Born in the Netherlands, he studied at Calvin College, and Calvin Theological Seminary before earning his ThD at the Free University in Amsterdam. He was president of the Evangelical Theological Society in 1976, and has written a number of books, including several volumes in the Baker New Testament Commentary series, begun by William Hendriksen. Kistemaker won the Gold Medallion Evangelical Book of the Year Award for four of his volumes in this series.


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