Continental Pietism and Early American Christianity

Eerdmans, 1976
ISBN: 9780802816412


“Americans have been led to assume that the only significant religious impulses which have helped to shape their culture came out of Puritanism,” says editor F. Ernest Stoeffler. The expert voices in this volume reveal that an “experiential, biblical, perfectionistic, and oppositive” pietism also greatly influenced the course of American Christianity, creating a culture that prioritized conversion over theology. In Continental Pietism and Early American Christianity, editor F. Ernest Stoeffler brings together the best-known historians of American and Christian history, providing a comprehensive single volume on the subject.

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Key Features

  • Analyzes how pietism affected the religious climate of America
  • Brings together expert voices in the history of Christianity and America
  • Examines the conversion culture of American Christianity


  • The Influence of Pietism in Colonial American Lutheranism
  • Reformed Pietism in Colonial America
  • The Impact of Pietism Upon the Mennonites in Early American Christianity
  • Moravianism in the American Colonies
  • Radical PIetism in American History
  • Pietism, the Wesleys, and Methodist Beginnings in America
  • The Breathren in Early American Church Life


  • Donald F. Durnbaugh
  • Franklin H. Littell
  • Martin H. Schrag
  • James Tanis
  • Theodore G. Tappert
  • John R. Weinlick

Product Details

  • Title: Continental Pietism and Early American Christianity
  • Editor: F. Ernest Stoeffler
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 276
  • Resource Type: Histories
  • Topic: Christianity

About F. Ernest Stoeffler

F. Ernest Stoeffler is professor emeritus of religion at Temple University, Philadelphia.

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