Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World

Eerdmans, 2014
ISBN: 9780802869746


In this book, Addison Hodges Hart articulates some crucial questions for contemporary Christians: What sort of church must we become in today’s post-Christendom world, where we can no longer count on society to support Christian ideals? What can we salvage from our Christendom past that is of real value, and what can we properly leave behind? How do we become “strangers and pilgrims” once more, after being “at home” in Christendom for so long?

Summoning readers to wise and faithful discipleship in our post-Christendom age, Hart suggests both how Christ’s disciples can say “yes” to much that was preserved during the age of Christendom and why they should say “no” to some of the cherished accretions of that passing epoch.

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Key Features

  • Summons readers to wise and faithful discipleship in the post-Christendom age
  • Articulates crucial questions for contemporary Christians
  • Discusses what is helpful and detrimental in current and past Christian culture


  • Saying Yes to Christianity, and No to Christendom
  • Saying Yes to Dogma, and No to Dogmatism
  • Say Yes to the Bible and No to Biblicism
  • Saying Yes to Sacramental Unity, and No to Sacramental Disunity
  • Saying Yes to Evangelism, and No to Polemicism
  • Conclusion: Pitching Our Tents and Passing Through

Praise for the Print Edition

This excellent book is both clear and courageous! It describes the fundamental changes that must take place for re-forming the Christianity that most of our denominations have accepted as the only available model of church. Addison Hodges Hart honors history, Scripture, and theology—and puts them together very wisely.

—Richard Rohr, founder, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thoughtful Christians often lament that our leaders are characterized by ignorance on fire on the one hand and intelligence on ice on the other. In Addison Hodges Hart, however, we have intelligence on fire. In Strangers and Pilgrims Once More he makes bold and sensible proposals for a positive and robust Christian discipleship. I have great respect for this author and this book.

—Brian D. McLaren, author, We Make the Road by Walking

Product Details

  • Title: Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World
  • Author: Addison Hodges Hart
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Pages: 156
  • Christian Group: Evangelicals
  • Resource Type: Topical
  • Topic: Discipleship

About Addison Hodges Hart

Addison Hodges Hart is a retired pastor and college chaplain presently living in Norway. He is also the author of The Ox-Herder and the Good Shepherd, Taking Jesus at His Word, and The Yoke of Jesus.

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