Priscilla Papers (28 vols.) (1987–2014)

Christians for Biblical Equality, 1987–2014


Access a trove of evangelical scholarship on the biblical view of gender equality in the home, the church, and the world. Encompassing a variety of disciplines—including church history, theology, biblical studies, cultural studies, and sociology—the Priscilla Papers, provides cutting-edge arguments advocating for equality between the sexes based on biblical exegesis and hermeneutics. First published in 1987, the journal includes 28 volumes consisting of four issues which appear in quarterly installments. Contributors include Aída Besançon Spencer, Kevin Giles, and Gilbert Bilezikian.

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Key Features

  • Argues for gender equality based on the biblical text
  • Provides an interdisciplinary approach to the question of gender roles
  • Offers biblical exegesis, historical analysis, and theological reflection

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