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Basil of Caesarea: Exegetic Homilies

ISBN: 0813213592


These exegetical homilies explore numerous Psalms and provide the earliest extant Hexaemeron—a theological treatise on the six-day creation account. St. Basil founded a new genre of hexameral literature, which was followed noted to be extremely popular among the educated Christians of his era, and display a profound devotion to God and evidence of his goodness in the workings of creation.

In the Logos edition, this work becomes enhanced by amazing functionality. Links to the patristic writings of the Early Church Fathers will bring you right to the source—to the very quote—allowing you to see instant context. Footnotes appear on mouseover, as well as references to Scripture and extra-biblical material in your library, and you can perform near-instant searches across these volumes, searching for references to keywords or Scripture passages.

Key Features

  • Compiles exegetical homilies from St. Basil of Caesarea
  • Presents the earliest extant Hexaemeron
  • Includes an introduction with background on the author and era

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About Basil of Caesarea

Basil of Caesarea (330–379) was bishop of Caesarea and an influential figure in the fourth century Church. The Orthodox Church reveres him as one of the Three Holy Hierarchs (along with Ss. Gregory Nazianzus and John Chrysostom), and he is commemorated on January 1. He is best known for his monastic Rule as well as his monumental Treatise on the Holy Spirit. His homilies on the six days of creation (Hexaemeron) as well as on the Psalter are also treasured. The Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great, used in the Orthodox Church throughout Great Lent, as well as on other specific feast days, is also attributed to him.