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Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry: Shaping Contemporary Ministry with Biblical Mandates

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Many pastors and churches are buying into today's consumer-oriented culture and losing sight of a higher biblical calling. Preoccupied with image and standing, measurable success and market effectiveness, pastors are replacing the biblical role of shepherd for the worldly model of shopkeeper. Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry offers insights from a team of pastors and scholars, examining the essentials of what a pastor is to be and to do. From scriptural backgrounds to practical application, pastors and church leaders will: understand the character and essence of pastoral ministry; learn about the biblical preparation of a pastor; affirm the personal qualifications of a pastor; recover the biblical priorities of pastoral work. God's calling, prayer, priorities, worship, preaching, outreach, discipleship, and other aspects of shepherding Christ's flock are examined, challenging pastors to deepen the biblical roots of their own ministries.