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Old Testament Survey Series: The Books of History


The focus of this volume is on the so-called historical books of the Old Testament. Though much biblical history is contained in the Pentateuch, the bulk of the history of Israel as a nation is contained in the twelve books beginning with Joshua. These books relate the history of God's interaction with his people from the time they entered Canaan about 1407 BC to the reforms instigated by Nehemiah about 432 BC. This survey proceeds from the general to the specific. The opening chapter is an overview of the twelve books as a collection. The collection is then subdivided into three parts according to the period of history which each relates. The first three books (Joshua, Judges, Ruth) are the pre-monarchy books. The three double books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles narrate the history of the monarchy. The last three (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther) cover the post-monarchy era. Each of the three parts has its own introductory chapter. The translation of Scripture is that of the author unless otherwise indicated. Sixty-two charts and seventeen maps combine to make this volume of the Old Testament Survey Series a valuable resource.