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Old Testament Survey Series: The Minor Prophets

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This latest volume in the Old Testament Survey Series is the fruit of some thirty years of teaching prophetic material. The goal has been to synthesize the best research and express it in a way which would be understandable and usable by those who might be exploring the Minor Prophets for the first time. The twelve authors of this collection preached and wrote at different periods ranging from the ninth to the fifth centuries BC. In this collection of books, then, are the earliest and latest prophetic testimonies concerning the future of the kingdom of God. Here also one can trace the development of that testimony. Taken together with the writings of the larger prophetic books they constitute the essentials of the prophetic word to ancient Israel. Here are the warnings that both the northern and southern kingdoms would fall to foreign powers. Here are the pleas for repentance as the only mechanism which might postpone those destructions. On the other hand, here the final touches are applied to the messianic portrait which began to emerge in rough sketch as early as the Garden of Eden. The spoken words of these mighty prophets were committed to writing in order that, when fulfilled, these predictions might prove to future generations the righteousness and faithfulness of Yahweh.