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Intoxicated with Babylon

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780975883242

How deeply in love with the world has the Church—Christ’s body—become? Is it difficult in today’s world to tell the difference between a Christian and a nonbeliever by watching their lives? Jesus told us that love would wax cold for Him in the last days. He wasn’t talking about the unbeliever; He was talking about those who claimed to be His followers. Paul warned us that in the last days believers would love money, pleasure, themselves, more than God. James refers to those Christians who love the world as adulterers.

Intoxicated with Babylon is the result of Steve’s extensive study of the book of Revelation. In it he addresses the fact that, at this crucial hour, the Church is corporately approving “a powerless form of religion that tolerates an impotent blend of Christianity and heathenism.” Modern Babylon is not a place, but a spirit, a mindset, an attitude that has infiltrated the pulpits, pews, bookstores and homes of many Christians. Armed with a vast array of worldly charms and enchanting indulgences, Babylon has deceived believers into exchanging a vibrant life in God for the empty shell of powerless religion. This book is a sobering voice calling out to a slumbering and sensuous Church to return to holy living.

Intoxicated with Babylon is a call to each of us, and to the Evangelical Church. It is a ‘wake-up call’… a very loud one that cannot be ignored. You will either respond and get out of ‘bed’ immediately, or you will hit the ‘snooze button’ and go back to sleep. It is a clear choice leading to the opportunity for repentance and serious faith in Christ. Those who hit the ‘snooze button’ will prove Steve Gallagher’s thesis that the Church in America has drifted far from the mark. The choice is clear—sleep or awaken!
—Jim Sheard, Author, In His Grip
Intoxicated with Babylon is very informative for people who want to hear and see. They will be challenged to repent and make new commitments. Unfortunately, the masses will continue to walk in the darkness of deception unless God intervenes. But Steve, like Jeremiah of old, is still commanded to cry the message even though people will not always listen. I feel this book is a definite wake-up call to the Church in these last days.
—Rev. Kenneth Kashner

Additional Information

  • Title: Intoxicated with Babylon
  • Author: Steve Gallagher
  • Publisher: Pure Life Ministries, 1996
  • 233 pages

About the Author

Steve Gallagher, a former deputy in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, is the president of Pure Life Ministries. He is an ordained minister and holds an Associates of Arts degree from Sacramento City College and a Ministerial Arts degree from Capital Bible Institute. A certified biblical counselor through the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) in Denver, CO, he has dedicated his life to helping men overcome sexual sin through holiness and a passionate pursuit of Jesus. PLM operates a live-in program on a 45-acre facility for Christian men seeking God’s answers to sexual sin.

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