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The Outpouring: Jesus in the Feasts of Israel

ISBN: 9780802461018


This volume, The Outpouring, is in keeping with a central commitment of The Friends of Israel to view Scripture through the prism of the cultural, historical setting in which it was cast by the Holy Spirit. John's Gospel, in its treatment of the interaction between the Messiah and Israel's great feasts, gives a magnificent exposure to this pattern. The Outpouring will enhance your understanding of how the Lord certified the credentials of our Jewish Messiah among Abraham's seed and in relationship to the great festive commemoratives of the Jewish nation. In the process, we fondly hope that you will appreciate more the wonder of the riches of His grace and the glories of our Savior's love.


  • Introduction
  • Every Man as He Is Able
  • Up to Jerusalem
  • Sound the Trumpets
  • Manna for Mankind
  • Fire and Water
  • A Light in the Temple
  • The Final Sacrifice

Product Details

  • Title: The Outpouring: Jesus in the Feasts of Israel
  • Author: Elwood McQuaid
  • Publisher: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 1990
  • Pages: 160