Zechariah: Israel's Messenger of the Messiah's Triumph

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, 1994


No book of the Old Testament touches current prophetic issues in quite the same way as does the book of Zechariah. Although ancient in historical context, the message sweeps across the centuries to enlighten, encourage, and cause believers to anticipate in fresh and dynamic ways the prospect of the Lord's return. Throughout the text there are compelling practical lessons for today that serve as chart and compass for living amid the torrents of evil engulfing the planet in these last days. Fred Hartman draws these elements together in this volume. Hartman's biblical study, ministry experience, and interaction with believers over several decades have prepared him to produce a readily understandable book that explores doctrinal and prophetic truth while providing solid instruction in righteous living.

Product Details

  • Title: Zechariah: Israel's Messenger of the Messiah's Triumph
  • Author: Fred H. Hartman
  • Publisher: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
  • Publication Date: 1994


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