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Choose the type of study you need to do—like basic Bible study or sermon prep—and Verbum walks you through each step, providing quick links to the books and tools you need along the way.

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Get step-by-step Bible study instructions

Whether you’re just starting to study the Bible in depth or are a seasoned expert, Verbum 8 has Workflows to guide your study.

  • Lectio Divina: take a contemplative approach to Scripture with a guided approach to this Benedictine practice. Included in Starter and up
  • Basic Bible Study: perfect for personal devotions or preparing for parish group or Sunday school. Included in Starter and up
  • Biblical Person Study: do a character study on biblical people like David, Esther, or Peter. Included in Starter and up
  • Biblical Topic Study: know just the tools and books to use as you work step-by-step through a topical Bible study. Included in Starter and up
  • Devotional: bring depth and focus to your quiet time with this workflow designed for devotional study. Included in Starter and up
  • Praying Scripture: make prayer an integral part of your Bible study with this workflow designed to help you pray Scripture. Included in Starter and up
  • Biblical Place Study: understand the significance of biblical places from Jericho to Jerusalem. Included in Bronze and up
  • Word Study: get insights from the original languages, even if you can’t read a word of Greek or Hebrew. Included in Bronze and up
  • Expository Sermon Preparation: follow step-by-step instructions covering the essentials of solid sermon prep. Included in Silver and up and Full Feature Upgrade
  • Passage Exegesis: dive into an in-depth study of any biblical passage with this exhaustive walkthrough. Included in Silver and up and Full Feature Upgrade.

The right tools at every step

Because Workflows provide links to Verbum tools at the right moment, you always have what you need for the task at hand.

Create and share

Create a personalized workflow from scratch to capture your own study method. Then share it so others can learn from your expertise.

Available in Silver and up

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