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Take your Catholic study to the next level

Verbum is a digital Catholic study platform that connects Scripture to the whole tradition of the Church.

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Verbum Editions

Verbum Editions

Your Books Are Better in Verbum

With Verbum’s powerful research features, every Verbum book is connected to everything else in your library. Whenever St. Thomas Aquinas quotes St. Augustine or the Catechism cites Scripture, you can load the cited work with a click. Anytime you have questions about a word, theme, or verse, Verbum scours your entire library for relevant results.

Verbum Libraries

Verbum Libraries

Stock Your Theological Shelves All at Once

Your Verbum library fuels your features and enhances your study of the Faith. Choose the library that fits your vocation or use, and you’ll receive a well-rounded, searchable collection of resources—while saving around 90% compared to buying the same books in print.

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