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S. Matthew’s Gospel—Chaps. 10 to 21 (The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide, Volume 2)


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Considered one of the most important Catholic theologians and Bible commentators, Cornelius à Lapide’s writings on the Bible have remained critical to the Catholic Church for centuries. Although à Lapide’s commentaries were written from the Catholic perspective, Christians of all denominations worldwide have benefited from his sound exegesis and the wide-breadth of learning his works provide. Brimming with spiritual devotion and scholarly acumen, à Lapide’s commentaries weave together his profound insights into the biblical texts alongside commentary from many Church Fathers, including the Venerable Bede, Cyril of Alexandria, St. Augustine, Tertullian, St. Jerome, Origen, and more.

Volume 2 of The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide provides verse-by-verse commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew, chapters 10–21.

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  • Preface by Thomas W. Mossman
  • Key work by Cornelius à Lapide with assistance from various scholars
  • Verse-by-verse commentary enhanced with writings from the Early Church Fathers
His method makes his commentary not only a valuable work for proficient students of Holy Scriptures, but it further brings the study of the sacred writings within the reach of all educated minds, and at the same time provides a delightful fund of sacred instruction and devotional reading. Cornelius à Lapide loses none of its charms in the clear, pure, vigorous English of its present translation; indeed, we confess that it seems to borrow a new beauty and allurement from its English dress.

The Month

We set a high store on this commentary. There is about it a clearness of thought, a many-sided method of looking at truth, an insight into the deeper meaning, and a fearless devotion to what appears to him to be truth, which lend a peculiar charm to all that he writes. We heartily commend the work to our ministerial readers.

Literary World

It is one of the most learned and richest commentaries that have ever been written. They are a storehouse for the preacher and a valuable aid to the devout lovers of the Word of God among the laity.

Catholic World

A very mine of research and exegetical learning of the rarest kind.


It is one of those few ‘books which are books,’ an unfailing magazine of instruction and devotion of the profoundest views of the Holy Scripture and theology in general, and one of the most valuable and important recently issued from the press.

Church Review

The varied and solid learning, the intense theological acumen, combined with verbal exegesis of the most comprehensive and practical character, and last, and by no means least, the deep and spiritual insight into the more remote and hidden sense of the Gospel narrative are here displayed in thoroughly idiomatic English, which reads like an original composition rather that a translation.

The Pilot

To say one word in recommendation of the great work of a Lapide is superfluous, but it is our simple duty to call attention to the great work now being done by Mr. Mossman for English readers.

Literary Churchman

The commentary is learned, intelligent, and full.

The Expositor

Mr. Mossman has done his part well, as an able and sympathetic scholar might be expected to do; and the books, both in execution and translation, its worthy of its author.

Saturday Review

  • Title: The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide, vol. 2
  • Author: Cornelius à Lapide
  • Translator: Thomas W. Mossman
  • Publisher: John Grant
  • Publication Date: 1908
  • Pages: 435

Cornelius à Lapide (1567–1637) was born at Bocholt in Limburg, Belgium. Educated in philosophy and theology at the University of Douai and the Catholic University of Leuven, Lapide was ordained in 1595. Lapide was a professor of philosophy, Hebrew, and theology for over 20 years before dedicating himself full time to writing and editing his celebrated commentaries.


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    Digital list price: $12.49
    Save $2.50 (20%)