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Verbum Advanced Search Training

, 2016



Verbum’s Advanced Search Training builds on the Verbum 360 Training videos by taking a deeper look at Verbum’s powerful search capabilities. Whether you’re trying to prepare a homily, answer an apologetics question, or write your dissertation, these powerful tools will transform the way you use Verbum. Fr. Devin Roza, LC, is visiting Professor of New Testament at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, and Fr. Andrew Dalton, LC, is Professor assistant of New Testament at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. They teach you powerful search tips to get exactly the results you’re looking for.

You’ll take a look under the hood at how searches work, so you can more intelligently compose queries. You’ll learn how to find better information within existing tools, and how to compose completely new searches—the sky is the limit! With advanced searching, everything is immediately within reach.

Looking for even more Verbum Training? Make sure to start with Verbum 360 Training, and don’t miss our Advanced Homiletic Training or our Advanced Academic Training videos.

Verbum Advanced Search Training is included in Verbum Platinum and higher. Upgrade now and save!

  • Nearly three hours of professional instruction
  • Systematic lessons on Verbum’s powerful search tools
  • Clear application of ideas from a Catholic perspective
  • An applied understanding of what makes Verbum tick—and how to leverage that information
  • Introduction
  • Searching for Synonyms
    • Using Parentheses
    • The Boolean Operator OR
    • Searching for Synonyms
    • Quick Collections
  • Lists and Search Ranking
    • Duplicating a Search Panel
    • How to create a List
    • Differences between Lists and OR
    • How Search Ranking works
    • When to use Lists or OR
    • Match all word forms
  • Inline Search, NEAR, and Multiple Lists
    • Inline Search
    • Inline Search Display Options
    • NEAR
    • WITHIN proximity operator
    • Panel History
    • Combining Multiple Lists
  • Searching for Bible Verses
    • Bible Data Type
    • Searching for a single verse
    • Data Type Hyperlinks
    • Data Type search operators
    • Verse Mapping
    • Parallel Resources
    • Autocomplete Dropdown and Verse Mapping
  • Searching for Author References
    • Author Data Types
    • Searching for Author Data Types
    • Using the By Count View
    • Using Data Type Search Operators
    • Parallel Resources and Author References
    • Introducing Milestones
  • Searching for Persons, Places, and Things
    • Searching for the Person Data Type
    • Person Autocomplete Dropdown
    • Searching for Place Data Types
    • Searching for Thing Data Types
    • Graphing Results
  • Morph Searches
    • Morph searching from the Context Menu
    • Lemma searches
    • Specifying morphological information for a lemma
    • Back button
    • Searching the Apostolic Fathers and LXX
  • Searching with Roots of Words
    • Understanding Root information
    • Searching for roots
    • Using lists to make our search more precise
    • Lemma and morph searching on the Basic and Bible Tab
    • The lemma autocomplete dropdown
    • Search Cookbook
  • Searching for Related Meanings
    • What to do when you don’t know where to start
    • Sense Data Type
    • Navigating the Bible Sense Lexicon
    • Understanding the difference between English and Original Language search results
    • Multi-resource view
    • Louw-Nida Data Type
  • Comparing Search Results
    • “Send to” dropdown menu
    • Send to a Word List
    • Merge Options
    • Comparing two Word Lists
    • Send to a Passage List
    • Comparing two Passage Lists
  • What Does Jesus Command?
    • Searching for imperative verbs
    • Speaker Search Extension
    • Understanding Search Extension syntax
    • Using WITHIN with Search Extensions
  • Searching Cultural Concepts
    • Searching for Cultural Concepts from the Factbook
    • Searching within Cultural Concepts
    • Lexham Cultural Ontology
  • How Jesus quoted the Old Testament
    • Finding what verse from the OT was quoted
    • The Label Search Extension
    • Context Menu grouping
    • The LiteraryType Section Search Extension
    • Understanding WITHIN
    • Introducing INTERSECTS
    • The Information Pane
    • Opening a new tab from Inline Search
  • The Magic of INTERSECTS
    • Finding questions in the New Testament
    • Addressee Search Extension
    • Searching for overlapping tags and words
    • Searching for translated words
  • Milestone Searches
    • What is a Milestone?
    • The Milestone Search Extension
    • Searching in specific verses of your Commentaries
  • Data Type vs. Milestone Searching
    • Searching for Data Types vs. for Milestones
    • Understanding the Content and Milestone Index
    • Bridging the gap with WITHIN and INTERSECTS
  • Using Passage Lists to Search
    • PassageList Search Extension
    • Renaming Passage Lists
    • Creating a Passage Lists from the text of an article
    • Creating a Passage List from a Factbook entry
    • When to use Passage List searching
  • Searching in Highlights
    • Searching for words within my Highlights
    • Searching within a Highlighting Style
    • Searching within a Highlighting Palette
    • Making a Quick Collection of monographs
    • ANDNOT
    • Using the minus sign
    • AFTER
    • BEFORE
    • Using BEFORE with a list of Morph forms
  • Search Fields
    • Gloss Text Search Field
    • Formal Equivalent Search Field
    • Running a reverse-lookup on Lexicons
    • Creating a shortcut to run a reverse-lookup
    • Heading Text Search Field
    • Large Text Search Field
    • What is a Search Field?
  • Searching Cross-References
    • Cross Reference Search Field
    • Bibles with Cross-References
    • Basic vs. Bible tab and Search Fields
    • Searching for references to the Old Testament
    • Limiting reference range with the Milestone Search Extension
    • Turning off Search Fields
  • Conclusion

Father Devin Roza is visiting professor of New Testament at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He has a licentiate degree in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute and a licentiate in philosophy from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. He is the author of Fulfilled in Christ: The Sacraments. A Guide to Symbols and Types in the Bible and Tradition.

Father Andrew Dalton is professor assistant of New Testament and Hebrew at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. He has a licentiate degree in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. He is regularly invited to speak or give workshops on the Shroud of Turin.


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  1. GaoLu



    These are excellent. Explanations and examples are very helpful. Thanks!
  2. Kiyah



    Great course! I wish this had been available when I first got Logos. Verbum training in general is better than the Logos Pros training since it's more focused on teaching you how to use the software to do real tasks instead of trying to get you to buy more stuff or upgrade your library. I love how Frs. Devin and Andrew not only explain how to perform a search but also the logic behind how the searches work.
  3. RRD



  4. Jim Wait

    Jim Wait