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Biblical People Diagrams

, 2009–2015

See connections between biblical people at a glance

Trace the roots of biblical people’s family trees, understand the interaction of different characters, and grasp the connections of more than 5,000 biblical people. Our team has hand crafted more than 600 diagrams depicting relationships between biblical people. When you look for “Moses” in the Factbook, Logos scours this database for diagrams of his family tree, connections with biblical people, interactions with other characters, and group associations. To make your study even easier, we’ve associated these easy-to-understand images with biblical passages, so you can follow characters’ interactions in specific contexts. Compare Jesus’ lineage as depicted by Matthew and Luke. Instantly connect ancient Israelites to their tribe. This massive database contains the information you need to understand connections between biblical people.

Discover more ways Logos 6 delivers insight for your Bible study with the Biblical People Dataset.

The Biblical People Diagrams dataset . . .

  • Collects more than 600 high quality diagrams depicting the people of the Bible
  • Associates diagrams with biblical passages
  • Works with the Biblical People Dataset to deliver relevant diagrams, right in the Factbook

Product Details

  • Title: Biblical People Diagrams Dataset
  • Author: Elizabeth Licata
  • Diagrams: 500
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Resource Type: Datasets