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Thematic Outlines Dataset

A massive database of thousands of sermon outlines

We’ve hand tagged thousands of biblical topics and keyed them to relevant scriptures. When you enter a theme or Bible passage in the Sermon Starter Guide, Logos scours this database and delivers suggested sermon outlines. Search for a topic like “anger,” “atonement,” or “justice” and instantly discover passages that would take hours to hunt down in a concordance. Or, type a biblical passage in the search bar and discover suggested themes and outlines drawn from Scripture.

The Thematic Outlines Dataset categorizes Scripture according to theme so that you have all relevant passages in one place. Logos has created 4,500 outlines drawn straight from Scripture. Use them to shape the direction of your next sermon—or take an outline straight to the pulpit! We’ve built this dataset with preaching in mind, placing all relevant topics, themes, and scriptures right at your fingertips. The information we’ve collected represents years of research that Logos has done for you. We’ve hand tagged and cross-referenced thousands of entries so you have access to the information you need in an instant.

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The Thematic Outlines Dataset catalogues…

  • 4,500 preaching outlines
  • Thousands of scripture passages
  • Thousands of biblical topics

Product Details

  • Title: Thematic Outlines Dataset
  • Author: Martin Manser
  • Contributor: Sean Boisen
  • Outlines: 4,500
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Resource Type: Datasets