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Product Overview

Catholic Answers teams up with Verbum to bring you the Catholic Answers Library—an entire apologetics library of 27 Catholic Answers books, a Catholic Answers Video Library, and over 50 other titles central to the Catholic tradition. Verbum is powerful software that interconnects these books to save you time while researching. References to Catholic documents, the Bible, the Catechism, or other texts in your library appear by mousing over the citation—and clicking opens up the resource so you can investigate the quote in its original context. Plus, Verbum gives you access to a timeline of biblical and Church history, a database of biblical facts, unprecedented Greek and Hebrew linguistic tools and data, and much, much more.

A solid platform for study, the Catholic Answers Library includes the most important Catholic texts and some of our own powerful Verbum tools and datasets. Built on Catholic books and documents you can trust, this impressive library unites the reliable research of Catholic Answers with the timeless teachings of the Catholic Church, from the modern Catechism of the Catholic Church to the ancient Apostolic Fathers and the even older Hebrew Bible. This essential library includes over 70 resources that allow you to freely explore the Faith—a library worth over $1,600.

This package now contains the international version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and can be purchased internationally.

Praise for Catholic Answers and Verbum

I use Verbum Bible Software every day. It has been an enormous aid to my research into God’s word. I’m excited that now, for the first time, Catholic Answers materials are part of Verbum.

—Jimmy Akin, author and speaker,

Verbum is not just the premier Bible software today; it’s the most powerful Scriptural tool in the history of the Church. Where else can you study the Bible alongside Jerome, Augustine, Aquinas, and Benedict? Or in light of liturgical prayers, conciliar documents, and writings from the saints? Verbum brings all of that to you in an elegant, easy-to-use package. It surrounds the Bible with the riches of Tradition and thereby unveils Scripture in all of its color, beauty, texture.

—Brandon Vogt, author, Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too)

This is more than software. It’s a respectable theological library that fits easily onto an iPad and goes everywhere you might have to go. In some ways it’s better than the bookshelves of a theological library, since it’s searchable. Verbum is helping us train for the kingdom of heaven—with treasures old and new (Mt 13:52).

—Mike Aquilina, author, executive vice-president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, co-host with Scott Hahn of eight series on EWTN

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