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Verbum Now

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Verbum Now augments your existing library, giving you access to our latest features, tools and data. As Verbum Now features and content continue to grow, so do your study capabilities. Verbum Now works best for users with a Verbum 8 Gold or higher library.

Quick Stats

  • First month free with monthly subscription
  • Two months free with annual subscription
  • Free customer service
  • Runs on Windows and Mac
  • Available offline


Bible Study

  • Find out how many times an author quotes a biblical passage
  • Discover key terms in Bibles, devotionals, and reference works
  • Find the most frequently used Greek, Hebrew, or English words
  • Analyze all the data in any resource, find key terms, Bible quotes
  • Discover, search, and categorize biblical images, maps, and art
  • Find relevant images with new Logos Media collections
  • Search and find Old Testament commands by type or topic

Preaching & Teaching

  • Discover the media you need for your next lesson
  • Discover key elements in Old Testament narratives
  • Get access to fresh, compelling new media on an ongoing basis

Greek & Hebrew

  • Identify frequency of Greek lemmas and roots in a particular book of the Bible
  • Discover the most frequently used Greek lemmas in John’s epistles
  • Identify and find other occurrences of grammatical constructs


  • Track down all citations in your favorite commentary
  • Use new media to communicate concepts to your students
  • Pinpoint grammatical constructions and find where they occur

New Features in Verbum Now

Media Browser

Browse all Verbum media and use filters to discover brilliant images, slides, and art that will enhance your next presentation. Filter your media by tag, type, topic, author and more or type in a keyword and discover all the related media you own.


The Concordance tool analyzes the data in a particular resource and allows you to filter that information with faceted search options (language, headings, field). Use this like an advanced index for any book. You can even filter by word-sense data or biblical people, places, or things. Quickly discover which character is mentioned most in the book of Acts, or discover the most commonly used senses in a book, chapter, or passage.

Old Testament Propositional Outlines

Reformat Bible text into a flow outline that labels the purpose of each line in the Old Testament.

Greek Grammatical Constructions

This new dataset identifies grammatical constructions in the New Testament and finds other occurrences of the construction in the Bible.

Commandments of the Law

The Old Testament Commandments interactive allows you to group the 613 mitzvoth commandments into various categories (State, People, Category, etc.) and track down a specific type of law.

Grammar Cross References

Search any verse in the Exegetical Guide, and Verbum displays cross-references according to spelling conventions, the origin of a word, the way the word is constructed, and much more. The Grammars section helps you sift through cross-references to find discussions that relate specifically to the questions you want answered about syntax or morphology.

Grammatical Constructions

Powered by the Greek Grammatical Constructions dataset, this section shows you what Greek Grammatical Constructions occur in the text you’re studying and list the results by type. This feature is a section in the Exegetical Guide.

Addresses in Reported Speech

Quickly locate all the places where a person, place, or thing is spoken to in the biblical texts.

Names of God Interactive

Discover all of the names of God and where they occur in the Old and New Testaments.

Systematic Theologies Guide

Verbum searches your systematic theology resources for biblical references and then organizes the results according to standard theological categories. These results are then further broken down according to the generational/denominational affiliation of the author.

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Collection value: $7,620.75
Save $7,520.76 (98%)
Yearly Access