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You’ve been called to lead, teach, and minister to others. A large part of leading people to Christ is having a confident understanding of Church teaching and applying pastoral care in communicating those truths.

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Teach the truth with confident care

Verbum gives you a vast library of Catholic books and tools to help you discover topics for lessons and homilies, answer questions, and connect more deeply with parishioners. Spend less time on the computer and more time with people.

Write better homilies faster

Verbum pulls the Tradition together so you can use the Lectionary, Missal, writings of saints and popes, and reference works all in one place. With Verbum, you’ll always have a place to start: automatically get topics and additional information associated with each reading.

Draw from the entire Tradition

With a single click, Verbum presents commentaries, Catechism paragraphs, encyclicals, and more—all relevant to the days Gospel, or any verse you’re studying.

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Understand what the Church teaches

Verbum gives you organized access to the Tradition. Learn from commentaries, parallel passages, cross references, and more. See the writings of popes and Church Fathers with a single click, so you’ll never be at a loss.

  • Read with the Tradition

    Use Verbum’s powerful guides to easily access a dynamic summary of information on a passage. See everywhere your library addresses a verse and follow any link to deeper study. View the Church’s entire discussion of a topic or Bible verse in a streamlined, accessible format.

  • Explore Church teaching

    Understand how the Church has developed doctrine through the ages. Start with a topic or reference, and find texts that cite or are cited by your passage. Then, open a primary source from anywhere in the Tradition with a simple click.

  • Answer questions

    Never be stumped by a question again. Easily search your resources to find documents that address a certain topic or passage, or start from your favorite resource and follow links to related articles. Either way, you’ll find answers because you have the whole Tradition to help.

Create compelling lessons

Whether you’re teaching an adult Bible study or a First Communion class, Verbum equips you with advanced tools and media resources. Start with a topic and find related maps, images, and infographics. Share notes, study questions and commentary right in the text or, with a click, print them and share them with Powerpoint.

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Share with your parish online

Host parish Bible studies that don’t limit discussion to one night a week. Your parish can post comments directly in the readings and you can respond online at any time. Easily share homilies, newsletters, and events with the whole parish through Faithlife, Verbum’s online social community.